My Daughter Was Locked out of Her Home

When my daughter called me crying, I instantly became worried. That is any parent’s reaction when the call comes late at night after they are in bed. I quickly calmed down when she told me that she was not hurt. She was afraid though because she was locked out of the house that she shares with a friend. Her friend was out of town, and my daughter had no idea what had happened to her keys. I told her I would contact a Brisbane emergency locksmith and be right over as soon as I did that.

Her mother and I quickly got dressed after I did some quick research on different locksmiths in the area. The last one that I had used was when we first moved into our home nearly 20 years ago, and they were out of business. I was able to find one that was able to go to my daughter’s house even though it was nearly the early morning hours at this point. Our daughter could have come over to our house and stayed until her housemate came home the next evening, but she was worried about her two dogs inside the house.

We are animal lovers ourselves, and we knew that even if the pups would have been okay with their physical needs, that there were emotional needs that needed to be met as well. We arrived within 30 minutes of my daughter calling, and the locksmith arrived not long after we did. He was able to get her back in the house quickly, and we were all so thankful for that. It might seem mild, but it was a hard night for our daughter. She went into panic mode because of her dogs being locked inside, but the locksmith that came out saved the night for her and her pooches.