A Wheelchair Because of a Broken Pelvis

My grandmother has always been an active woman, so it was hard on her when she fell and broke her pelvis in two different spots. She did not have to have surgery for it, which really surprised us, but she did need to have extensive physical therapy. We also knew that she needed to build her strength up before she would be able to walk or even stand. Her doctor told us that we could order a quality wheelchair from Polifisio. He told us that the rehab center would have wheelchairs, but he knew that we wanted the best for our gram.

We also wanted one where we would be able to take it to her house after her rehab was done because she is getting elderly, and this fall showed us that even though she is active, she still needs to take it easy too. I went onto the website of the company her doctor recommended, and I was able to see all the different wheelchairs. She just needed one of the basic ones, but it was interesting to look at the different ones, each one a bit more complex than the one before it.

I had never really considered the different types of wheelchairs before, but this opened my eyes up to that. I ended up ordering her a carbon steel wheelchair with a nylon back. The tires on both the front and back of the wheelchair are solid, with the front tires being six inches and the back ones 24 inches. It was easy to order, and it arrived quickly. It was at the hospital ready for her before she was discharged, and I think this is going to help her recovery even more having such a quality wheelchair. We just want her to get better and get back home as soon as possible!