My Favorite Show is in Town

I was so excited when I heard that my favorite reality show was going to be coming to my small town. I knew that I had to see the host because he is one of my favorite people in the whole wide world. I knew that I was going to have to do something to go and see him. He is a chef and really frank with people and will say what he is thinking. He once was on a show where they renovated his house for him. They actually put a shower replacement in Queens NY in his house and he and his wife were really happy with the outcome of his bathroom and even loved the entire house. Read More


A Wheelchair Because of a Broken Pelvis

My grandmother has always been an active woman, so it was hard on her when she fell and broke her pelvis in two different spots. She did not have to have surgery for it, which really surprised us, but she did need to have extensive physical therapy. We also knew that she needed to build her strength up before she would be able to walk or even stand. Her doctor told us that we could order a quality wheelchair from Polifisio. He told us that the rehab center would have wheelchairs, but he knew that we wanted the best for our gram.

We also wanted one where we would be able to take it to her house after her rehab was done because she is getting elderly, and this fall showed us that even though she is active, she still needs to take it easy too. I went onto the website of the company her doctor recommended, and I was able to see all the different wheelchairs. Read More