Light Years Better Than My Previous Software

After reading an Inbox Blueprint 2.0 review online, I knew this was the program I wanted to get to replace my old, ailing email marketing software program. I’ve had that software for years and it was getting pretty rough around the edges. I actually can’t remember the last time I even updated the software, and core features had started to fail. It was a pretty good program when I got it, and I was so used to using it that even having to do additional steps to get it to work didn’t seem to onerous a burden.

Then a friend online who also does email marketing clued me in to this new software that he says runs circles around everything else out there. I wanted to do several new campaigns in the next month, so I went ahead and found the review and read it. It seemed impressive enough for me to go ahead and buy the software. When it came I put it on the computer and started messing around with it and I must say it’s so easy to use that a kid could do it. I barely had to read anything because I could figure it out just by playing with it.

I launched the campaigns with the software and I’m deeply impressed just how much faster it is to set everything up. Getting the emails is a snap, and the program even automatically mails out the appropriate materials. There are a lot of cool features to the software and you don’t even have to write anything! It’s amazing. I’m not surprised at all that these campaigns are going better than anything I’ve done in years. I won’t be surprised at all if I make a lot more money using this software, and all with a lot less fuss and bother than I had with the old software.