People Should Be Careful What They Say on an App

I found a Snapchat hack online that promised to work on almost any account on that app, and to work quickly and get you into their account. I did this because I had some suspicions about my girlfriend that worried me greatly. I felt like I suddenly couldn’t trust her, and she sent vibes my way that made me think maybe she’s seeing someone else. I usually trust my gut when things like this happen, so I decided to take it to the next level and did some surveillance to see what I would find.

For example, we live together and I said I had to go out of town suddenly to visit a sick cousin and that I would be gone for three days. I went to see a friend in the town over and then came back home a day later. I thought I might catch her in the act. I didn’t. She was home alone and seemed glad to see me return early. I had some friends watch the house while I was gone to see if anyone came over. Nothing odd turned up. Before you think what I’m doing is creepy, hear the rest of the story.

She was cheating. It turned out she used Snapchat and set up meetings at her place of employment. I found this out after finding a Snapchat hack online and getting into her account. I was able to figure out what she was doing. Very, very sneaky on her part. I almost didn’t even think to check any of her apps. We’re finished as a couple and while I don’t like the idea of going through someone’s phone for information, I’m glad I did as I was actually planning on proposing marriage. This hack, which worked marvelously well, literally saved my life.