I Like High-Rise Condos, but My Parents Like Ground-Floor Living

I have lived on the first floor of homes since I was born. My parents both had an aversion to living in a multi-story structure. I, on the other hand, enjoy being on the top floor. I do not know how they can have such an aversion to heights and have me who enjoys it. When I told them that my wife and I bought a PARC Life EC, they were not surprised. They both work in tall buildings, and they get through that okay. They just both say that anything over two stories is not for them as far as having a place to live. They admit that in Singapore this has limited their choices on where they can live quite a bit as most of the island is urbanized. They like suburban living in smaller single-story homes. I like the top floor. My wife and I bought a PARC Life EC condo on the top floor.

I really enjoy overlooking any water. I don’t care if it is a swimming pool or water feature. I enjoy sitting outdoors enjoying a cup of coffee on a balcony or private patio of a tall structure. My friends all live in tall structures. I even work on the top floor of a very tall building in Singapore. I have the mindset of an eagle where my parents have more of a mindset of something that never leaves ground level. They do not like to fly either, and I even like hang gliding and parasailing.

Our condo is perfect with its tile and laminate flooring. Being brand new and never lived in before is also a huge advantage for us. This is our first real estate investment, and it feels really good to be an owner rather than just a lessee of a place someone else owns.